Lawn Mowing and Grass Cutting

Seasonal Lawn and Weed Treatments

Lawn Stripes and Hedges provide a lawn mowing and grass cutting service, we come either once every 10 days or 14 days

Package One

We use our Makita Rotary electric mower we come once a fortnight with no extras and no lawn feed. Just a quick clean tidy up no fuss.

Package Two

This is our Premier package which includes our free treatment plan. We use a traditional cylinder mower that cuts your grass a lot healthier and leaves beautiful stripes we fertilise your grass with organic treatments

All of the lawns that are featured on the website have been cut with our professional lawn mowers. We have the equipment to cut your grass regardless of the weather conditions to the highest of standards.


This scissor action gives the sharpest cut to the blade of grass.

This means the plant is less traumatised, giving less bleeding, quicker recovery, less brown tips at the injury, less water loss and therefore the grass plant is less susceptible to disease.


In general, cylinder mowers are used where a lower height of cut is desired which gives the surface a more fine and ornamental appearance. For sports surfaces, a lower height of cut will give a truer and faster run-of the ball, especially in small-ball sports.

Rotary mowers perform well where the height of cut is higher and cutting frequency is less. They handle long grass well, leave a better finish when the finished height of cut is over 2”, are much more tolerant of debris like stones and sticks and cope with mowing uneven surfaces.

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